Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy development
  • Proposition development
  • Concept development
  • Creative development
  • Website development
  • Brand identity and design
  • Concept Labs
  • Ad testing and evaluation

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The least you’ll get is a different perspective.

Behavioural Insights

Kindling lead the way in using social media to identify, explore and understand the raw, unfiltered behaviours that underpin the development of relevant, compelling and effective ideas.

Intuitive Response

Our approach is designed to encourage research participants to reveal their instinctive, emotional response to ideas. If you believe that eight strangers sitting in a hotel conference room may not be the ideal environment in which to explore, develop and evaluate great ideas, you’re in the right place.


Kindling have developed a proprietary analytical framework called The Wonder Wheel.

The purpose of The Wonder Wheel is to highlight the biases and distortions that define response, enabling you to develop ideas that work in the real, rather than imagined, world.


We pride ourselves on our capacity to engage participants who wouldn’t normally consider taking part in research. Whether that be vulnerable audiences, hard to reach ethnic communities, or the affluent and reticent, our outstanding recruitment networks will get you closer to your intended audience.


Kindling is your ideal partner for both simple and complex projects. We work across international markets, can easily accommodate a broad range of audiences and encourage the exploration of multiple types of stimulus.

Thought Leaders and Award Winners

Whether it be the best-presented paper at the MRS Conference, our award-winning work on Obesity for Cancer Research UK or being invited by the Cabinet Office to discuss the value of using WhatsApp in social research, Kindling lead the way in researching ideas designed to challenge the status quo.