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Kindling is an insight consultancy. We help our clients develop more effective strategies, concepts and communications. Our approach is designed to develop ideas that influence attitudes, change behaviours and challenge the status quo.


Leaders in intercept research. Intercepts provide genuine, intuitive, spontaneous response to concepts, propositions, policy and comms as people go about their daily lives.



"Jon’s work on Stand Up To Cancer was incredibly insightful. Jon presents a clear and neutral set of outputs and recommendations that are absolutely rooted in insight. Jon’s approach drew out subtleties that we hadn’t previously understood and which we didn’t feel other research had quite uncovered. He’s also unafraid to challenge our own preconceptions which we really valued."
Head of Marketing & Campaign Delivery - Stand Up To Cancer
"Jon is a fantastic researcher able to elicit from respondents what they genuinely feel about something rather than what they think we want to hear and providing supportive challenge which gets to the heart of people's feelings and perceptions."
Head of Marketing and Comms, Sue Ryder
"Jon has great skill in connecting with a wide background of consumers and building the feedback into good, simple, sound sense that we were able to act upon. Jon’s also got a very easy going nature that makes it great to work with him."
VP Inisght, PepsiCo China
"Kindling Research are a fantastic agency to work with. Whether analysing broad audiences or niche groups, the insights they provide are not only fresh and clear but also communicated in an actionable way. The creative testing they conducted around the Superhumans campaign played a key role in bringing viewers to the biggest event in Channel 4’s history."
James Hamilton, Channel 4
"Kindling are a brilliant agency to work with. From creative testing to communications testing to patient projects the insights delivered are always clear and actionable. The recent patient information project was extremely insightful in helping us shape the way we communicate our patient information services. Jon will always go the extra mile to make sure you are getting what you need out of your project."
Senior Insight Manager: Cancer Research UK
"In a world full of data and very little insight, it's refreshing to work with Kindling. Kindling takes account for research effects and the difficulties people have understanding concepts in order to cut through the waffle and get to the truth."
Tim Boxall, Anomaly


Jon Cohen

Kindling founder, Jon Cohen started as an ad planner before setting up qual research agency Rosenblatt in 1995. Rosenblatt became part of Cello Group in 2007 and Jon founded Kindling 5 years later. The aim of Kindling is to make a difference.

Jon has presented papers on numerous subjects ranging from researching at the margins of society, adult literacy, teenage pregnancy, using digital technology to bring to life the findings from research and most recently, at the MRS Healthy Living Conference about the impact of illness and disease on drivers of health and fitness.


Each project, led by Jon, uses a bespoke team to meet the needs of the project in hand.

Our network includes outstanding qual researchers, strategic planners with extensive creative communications development expertise, ethnographers trained to get to the heart of the action, quant research partners skilled at making data accessible, relevant and engaging, and video editors and designers bringing insights to life.

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Get in touch

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Kindling were shortlisted for the MRS Health Research Awards for our work with Cancer Research for the development of ground breaking communications designed to build awareness of the link between obesity and cancer.
Kindling won best presented paper at the MRS 2017 conference alongside Resource London for our paper on the development of a new behaviour change recycling strategy for young Londoners.

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